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The attorneys at the Law Office of Robert L. Greener, P.C are rightly positioned to help you navigate your way through the tricky waters of intellectual property and litigation law. You can trust us.

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    The Law Office of Robert Greener, P.C is your trusted law firm providing exquisite solutions to all matters related to Intellectual property and litigation law. Having worked with different individuals and corporate bodies, we have the required expertise and knowledge to help you through the varied facets of litigation and intellectual property law.
    Perhaps you require professional help with law matters relating to trademark and copyright practice, entertainment and media, commercial and corporate litigation, brand development and marketing, corporate formations, and transactional matters among others; we are perfectly positioned to help you through.

    Exquisite Delivery of Services in New York

    Both our local and international clientele have deeply benefited from our attorneys' combined experience and the in-depth knowledge that our diverse cases have afforded us. Our clients are provided with partner-level interaction, which infers that their opinions matter on the execution plan of their cases.

    Exquisite Delivery of Services in New York NY

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    Our forefront priority at the Law Office of Robert Greener, P.C is to give you a shot at thriving corporately and with individuals. With our in-depth understanding of the wide scope of Intellectual property and litigation law, we offer our clients seasoned advice and legal options specifically tailored to their cases.

    Our doors are open 24/7. Nonetheless, you can reach out to our online support team any time!

    Copyright Law In New York NY


    Copyright Law is one of the vital and most significant parts of Intellectual Property Law. The gamut of copyright law covers an extensive range to serve business companies, academic institutions, and organizations of diverse fields of commerce and profession. Our copyright law advocates for the legitimate rights and authorities of the original creators of intellectual property.

    Trademark Law In New York NY


    Trademark law is an important part of intellectual property law. With several years of combined trademark law experience, we have an award-winning stable of talented and knowledgeable Trademark Attorneys on hand and are ready to assist you immediately. You can make sure that your product or service is instantly recognizable, as well as protect yourself from competitors who want to trade on your good name.

    Litigation Law In New York NY


    We are saddled with the responsibility of endlessly recovering the maximum recovery for our clients. We have sizeable experience in representing corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, respective officers, top directors, members, and shareholders against one another. We regularly handle cases for either plaintiff or defendant or an individual or a company.

    We provide you with excellent personalized service and precise, optimal advice to find specific legal solutions.

    Our clients have come to expect personalized service and an effective resolution of their legal issues. Whether you are a local or international client, we will give you the best advice and representation.

    Our attorneys practice exclusively in Intellectual property and Litigation Law and have guided individuals and businesses through the diverse processes involved in the facets of these law niches. While it may seem difficult to believe now, your situation can improve by obtaining qualified help. We encourage you to contact us for a consultation to determine how best to get you the effective legal help you no doubt need.

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